Some I like to ask: What is the school counselor's role in discipline here? What non-counseling duties does the school counselor have? How do the teachers feel. 1. When should I start my college prep? · 2. How do I find a college or university that is best for me? · 3. What's the right high school schedule for me? · 4. office-building icon General Advice: Courses, Activities, and Academic Goals · Why is meeting with a high school guidance counselor important? · How often do you. 1. How have your listening skills led to a positive outcome for a student? · 2. How have you successfully managed a difficult behavioral problem? · 3. What. Describe a situation where you had to work with a resistant or difficult student. What task were you assigned, what actions did you take, and what was the.

How to answer: Depending on the type of counselling position you are interviewing for, you may come across a client who is hesitant to speak to you. This. In addition to questions about your school counseling knowledge and skills, you can likely expect: Tell me what you know about our school: This question lets. Interview Questions · How do you see the word “leader” fitting in to your role as a counselor? · What is the role of the school counselor in relation to teachers. 7 career advice questions to ask your career advisor · What can I do with my major? · How should I write my resume and cover letter? · What should I expect from my. How to answer: Depending on the type of counselling position you are interviewing for, you may come across a client who is hesitant to speak to you. This. Why did you choose to become a guidance counselor? · How can a counselor be a leader in the school? · Can you give an example of how you have gone above and. Avoid these common mistakes: 1) Don't just rattle off your job description. Focus on your accomplishments and how you went above the normal call of duty. 2). 7 Questions to Ask Your Career Counselor · 1. "Can I set up an appointment to discuss my summer internship search?" · 2. "What's the best job search strategy for. Counselor Interview Questions and Answers. "How do you build trust with a new client?" This question assesses your interpersonal. At least twice a semester (especially during junior and senior year), but my door is always open. How can you help me plan out my classes to prepare for college.

How would you work with a student experiencing a mental health crisis? What steps would you take to ensure their safety? · An immediate assessment of the. Whether you are preparing to interview a candidate or applying for a job, review our list of top Guidance Counselor interview questions and answers. Why did you. When asking this question, the interviewer will determine your top values. These are the values they will likely see reflected in you once you start the job. Do you use a specific assessment for intake? What do you use to document notes? Do you provide liability insurance or am I required to get my. Question #1: Why Did You Choose to Become a School Counselor? · Question #2: What Characteristics Should a School Counselor Possess? · Question #3: In Your. Role-specific interview questions · What's your favorite thing about working with (elementary/middle/high school) students? · How is your role different from that. What kind of questions should I ask a career counselor when graduating from high school? You asked, “What kind of questions should I ask a. What is the biggest challenge this school faces today, and how can the new school counselor help solve it? How would you describe the culture at this school? Exploring Your Interests With a School Career Counselor · Is there a career/major fit for my interests? · How can I decide between a college nearby or one far.

4. Do you have a certified career assessment tool that assists a student in understanding their strengths and how they can translate into potential careers? 5. Top behavioral interview questions for hiring guidance counselors Describe a time you collaborated with colleagues or parents to help a student. How did you. What kinds of subjects do you enjoy the most? Do you think you might want to study something similar in college or pursue a related career? Do you understand. Showcases candidates' work experience and knowledge of counseling practices as they apply to developmental needs. 4. How would you handle a conflict between. Interviewers will likely ask questions about your preferred counseling models, how you apply them in practice, and how you stay current with new developments in.

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